Exclusive Guide For the Arizona Peace Trail

What are your rates?  Rates vary depending upon size of group, extremely low cost, not for profit.  Supporting the Arizona Peace Trail.

What Types of Payment do you accept?  Currently we accept Cash, check or Debit/Visa cards.

What will I be seeing on the tour?  You will see our Sonoran Desert in many forms.  Majestic mountains, canyons, and a variety of landscapes.  Within many areas they’re abandoned mines, former settlements, adobe ruins and so much more.  Our western deserts are full of history dating back to our early settlers to it’s formation thousands of years ago.  From north to south, east to west, the desert changes in many ways beyond description.


Is there a limit on the types of vehicles that are allowed to come on the trails? Yes, our tours are designed for UTV's only and maybe a very few 4WD's.


Do you include lodging for the packages that are overnight or longer? All our overnight adventures include motel accommodations, we secure reservations in advance to ensure room availability.  Upon arrival you're responsible for your room costs.  All nightly stays have café’s or restaurants and most motels have morning breakfast items, coffee, cereals, pastry, etc.  Gas stations and convenient stores are available at all our stops.

How Long Do We Drive Each Day?  We start sharp at 8:00AM and try to conclude between 4:30 - 5:00PM.  I ensure ample time for breaks, exploring, lunch, etc.  The full Peace Trail run is 4 nights - 5 days, which is exclusive of Adventures UTV.

What should I bring with me?  Your UTV must have a Spare Tire with jack, spare drive belt, basic toots, at least 2 gallons of spare fuel and 1 or more gallons of spare water.  You should bring food for lunch and additional provisions should we be delayed.  Always have safety items, flashlights, phone chargers, first aid kit, etc.  All of this is discussed well in advance of your Peace Trail adventure.

Does my vehicle need to be licensed?  Yes, your vehicle needs our Arizona (OHV) Off Highway Vehicle Decal.  If you are from out of state, we provide all the needed information to obtain your permits.  This process can be handled in advance to your arrival.  Arizona welcomes all out of state UTV's. 

Do I need insurance?  Yes, you do need insurance as we travel on public roadways and share the trails with other off-road vehicles. All drivers must show proof of insurance for there vehicle prior to arriving in Salome.

Is there a waiver that needs to be signed before tour? Yes, a release of liability waiver will be provided, also a Opp Out Agreement should you decide to quit the run, at which time any prior agreement with Adventures UTV will cease and be void of any and all previous held responsibilities, plus incurred costs and any costs related to the cancellation of motel reservations, due and payable on receipt of acceptance of the Opp Out Agreement.

Will itinerary be provided? Yes, an itinerary will be provided and well in advance. 

**If you have any additional questions that's not listed above, fill free to reach out on our                       **