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Learn the facts about the Arizona Peace Trail.

I've spent countless hours and miles on the Peace Trail with groups of all types and pre running section after section of the Peace Trail.  Learn why I use alternate trails, why it is necessary in many cases. Learn the facts of what the AZPT Atlas doesn't explain.  Learn about the real miles and time for each and every day destination point.

How to make your AZPT adventure a safe and realistic adventure of a lifetime!

Welcome to Adventures UTV.  Since 1970 I have explored hundreds of trails and traveled countless miles in the most remote desert areas of the southwest.  Very few poses the experience and knowledge over the span of 50 years of off roading.  I offer the most unique experiences that can be imagined.  Each and every off road adventure is catered to to group interests.  Specializing in groups from out of state with all levels of experience and riding interests.

And for the more adventurous, my exclusive adventures on the Arizona Peace Trail will lead you through the most  amazing areas our desert has to offer, over 700 miles of canyons, sand washes, mountains and vast desert areas that will truly be one of your greatest off road adventures of a lifetime.

The  Arizona's Outlaw Trails  , exclusive of Adventures UTV,  combines the best and most unique experience possible on the Arizona Peace Trail with the most experienced leader.


No Maps or GPS, just a whole lot of fun!

Having the Off-Road Adventure of a Lifetime!

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Mark West- Your Leader & Friend

  The Arizona Outlaw Trails
Exclusive of Adventures UTV.

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