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Learn the facts about the Arizona Peace Trail.

I've spent countless hours and miles on the Peace Trail with groups of all types and pre running section after section of the Peace Trail.  Learn why I use alternate trails, why it is necessary in many cases. Learn the facts of what the AZPT Atlas doesn't explain.  Learn about the real miles and time for each and every day destination point.

How to make your AZPT adventure a safe and realistic adventure of a lifetime!

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Mark West- Your Guide & Friend

Welcome to Adventures UTV. Since 1970 I have explored hundreds of trails and traveled countless miles in the most remote desert areas of the southwest. Very few poses the experience and knowledge over the span of 50 years of off roading. I offer the most unique experiences that can be imagined. Each and every off road adventure is catered to individual or group interests. Offering scenic tours, historical tours dating back over a hundred years of history in our local desert areas.  Visit ghost towns, long abandoned mines, native ruins and a host other secrets hidden within our Arizona desert.

And for the more adventurous, my exclusive extreme adventures that will raise you adrenaline level to a new high. Buckle up and hold on, you'll travel through amazing areas, box canyons, ridge lines and some all out throttle down running. No worries, we keep it safe and have a whole lot of fun!

I offer exclusive off road adventures for the day or multi day adventures on the Arizona Peace Trail joined with Arizona's Outlaw Trails.  Combining the best with the best for one of the most unique off road experience you'll ever have.

Lean the truth about the Arizona Peace Trail before you start your adventure.  What the maps and the Arizona Peace Trail Atlas doesn't tell you.  It's not fun when you are trying to find your way around in the dark or have no time to truly enjoy your adventure.

Having the Off-Road Adventure of a Lifetime!

                                                                                 Mark West


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